D1 - Minibus with between 9 and 16 passenger seats towing a trailer up to 750KG
D - Any bus with more than 8 passanger seats towing a trailer up to 750KG

Driver Training Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCV) 

Driving Academy (N.I.) can offer training for the vocational licence listed below.

The procedure to obtaining a PCV licence is as follows:

1.  Your doctor should complete a medical examination using a DLM1 form available from DVLNI. 

Complete a disclosure certificate application form and bring it to a local P.S.N.I station with three valid documents to verify your identity. Then send to Access NI with the relevant payment, who issue the disclosure certificate. 
On receipt of the disclosure certificate send it and the completed medical form along with an application for a driving licence to the DVLNI.

Module 1 - Theory test and Hazard Perception. Studying material is available from all major stationery retailers.
5.  Module 2 - CPC case study exam. 
Module 3 - Practical Driving Test. Your training will conclude with a practical test at a DVTA testing centre. 
7.  Module 4 - Driver CPC Practical test. 
Once you have passed all modules you can then have your licence endorsed with this full PCV category. 

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