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Fleet Safety

A growing area of concern for organisations is the safety of their employees whilst on the road.
Defensive Driver training courses using our experienced instructors, are designed to meet the Health and Safety requirements which apply to any employer with staff
who drive at work and equally to any self-employed person. The courses cover people whose main job is driving and those who drive occassionally or for short distances,
in all types of vehicles including trucks, buses, vans, cars etc.

Training drivers in defensive driving techniques is an investment that will repay itself in dividends, as the principles improve driving ability and help avoid accidents,

which in turn contribute to:

                                * Cheaper insurance premiums
                                * Lower accident repair costs
                                * Less time lost to maintainance and repair of vehicles
                                * Savings on fuel, tyres and spares
                                * An improved company image from drivers greater care and courtesy

Driving Academy (N.I.) can offer a 2 stage solution involving:
In-Vehicle Driver Risk Assessment

Aimed at all drivers, particularly those deemed to be high risk (e.g. high annual mileage, poor accident records or young drivers)

Also suitable for organisations wishing to access the skills of new drivers or to reassess competence following an incident.

The course is available in-company, where can attend the clients premises to undertake the risk assessments.

Defensive Driver Training

Having assessed the risk posed by drivers within the organisation, managers are in an informed position to ensure that any training undertaken is both specific and targeted.                               

Instructors are qualified to Institute of advanced motorist (IAM) standards


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